In the spring of 2018 we decided to explore the possibilities of digitizing minigolf.

For many it’s a nostalgic and analog activity, but as the number of minigolf locations dwindled during the 90´s, the new generations don’t have the same fond memories of camping sites and run down minigolf lanes as we do.

So, we decided to mix minigolf and some sci-fi high-tech, and got in touch with Void, an award winning experiential art and design studio located in Oslo. The result:

Lasergolf – an interactive gaming experience.

A high-speed camera captures the ball's movements, and the projections show you the start and end of the game. The first two courses were installed at Oslo Camping in autumn 2018, as part of the existing minigolf offer. And today, with the support of Innovation Norway and Logic Interactive, the project has gone from a pilot to becoming a full-fledged part of our minigolf concept - and you can find Lasergolf at several Camping venues, both nationally and internationally.

Off to space!